Saturday, January 26, 2019

Power Trilogy is finally here!

Power Trilogy tells complex and thrilling stories filled with violence, crime and sex. Lourdes Daza-Gillman' books are some of the most recent additions to a wide body of Nordic crime fiction.

In the trilogy, detective inspector Sanna Johansson and her team work to solve a series of violent and troubling crimes. DESPAIR explores a brutal murder in the Swedish upper class, a mother’s revenge, and corruption in the police force. In IMPACT men become victims of a serial killer with a modus operandum that leads police and media to a hunt of a male sexual predator. In MISERY, sex trafficking and a feared mafia organization draws Sanna into the most challenging situation of her life. The Power Trilogy explores the minds of those with power, those who have lost it, and those fighting to regain it.

They are now available in digital form all over the world, both Kindle and E-PUB formats. The paperback versions will be available in February. I hope you’ll like them!

Available in all major book sites, for example here on Amazon: